Epsilon Xi Chapter Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Hello Current & Future Alpha Phi Parents!

Welcome to Alpha Phi, an international organization that stretches from coast to coast through 171 collegiate campuses and more than 200,000 members. Sisters share a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to support one another and their communities. Alpa Phis are leaders, scholars, contributors and lifetime members of a sisterhood that values these traits. 

Alpha Phi is a home for your daughter, but also a place for you as her parent! We welcome parents into more than a few events here at Alpha Phi, which include Red Dress Gala or celebrations for Mom's and Dad's Day! We hope through these events that you can see just how bright our sisterhood shines and how much value your daughter will find during her time in Alpha Phi.

Below we have included common questions from parents to address additional concerns regarding finances and college life for your Alpha Phi!

Questions from Parents

Q: How will Alpha Phi help my daughter transition from her comfortable, home-life to a new and different college-life?

A: VP of Marketing, Alyson Woods
As young women are transitioning into the college lifestyle, Alpha Phi is there to support them by providing them with opportunities to be engaged on campus and make life long friends. We participate in events throughout campus, hold our own chapter sisterhood events, and mingle with other organizations. Life in Alpha Phi is a perfect balance that helps girls get involved quickly with new friends and the campus community. We also prioritize our families and where we come from by hosting an annual Dad's Day in the fall and Mom's Day in the spring!

Q: How can I be sure my daughter won't be hazed or peer pressured when she joins a sorority?
A. VP of Risk Management, Isabella Gruse
Membership in Alpha Phi is an opportunity for college women to develop educationally, emotionally, physically and socially, in a safe environment. This sisterhood provides programs, support, and lasting friendships that foster this growth. All members are to be treated with dignity and respect. A new member is no different; they are not expected to "earn" their membership. Alpha Phi even has a special concept called Watchcare, where we learn ways to come together to support and care for our sisters.

Q: Will this time commitment be too much for my daughter to stay focused on school, take an internship or get involved in other ways?
A: VP of Risk Management, Isabella Gruse
The women of Alpha Phi take pride in their lifelong dedicaton to becoming the best women they can be. Since one of our values is scholarship, we encourage everyone to dedicate themselves to their school work. We have ongoing academic plans and incentives, and appreciate different, character development opportunities. So, we respect and encourage our sisters to better themselves through alternative opportunities on and off campus. Read more in the "Scholarship" tab above.

Q: How will we, as parents, stay informed?
A: VP of Marketing, Alyson Woods
When your daughter joins Alpha Phi, you will be added to a large, parent Facebook page where you will get updates and notices when needed. The manager of that page is also our Director of Parent Relations, and she is always ready to answer questions or direct you to another sister. To fill you in on all the life-changing things we do throughout the semester, there are two newsletters that explain all the events and activities we take part in. 

Q: Aren't all sororities really expensive? What do the dues go towards?
A: VP of Finance, Madison Held
Our dues fund so many incredible things within our chapter: sisterhood events, awesome mixers, treating our parents to special events, bi-annual formals and semi-formals, and so much more! The fun-filled events we host are paid for through our dues. Alpha Phi is one of the only chapters on campus who offers "all-inclusive dues." What this means is that a sister can attend any event without paying at that time. In some chapters, their members are required to pay for each, individual event- leaving them to make a decision about finances every time, rather than what is best for their sisterhood and personal experience.