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What is Primary Recruitment?
Primary Recruitment is a mutual selection process where the women registered will visit each of the four, Panhellenic sororities on campus throughout the week. They will get to meet each chapter's members and learn about each sorority's sisterhood, values, ideals and activities. This process is truly exciting, and it offers each woman the opportunity to discover a new home.

If you are a legacy, we are so excited to hear from your loved one(s), and you can find some information and a place to insert your recommendation letter in this

Welcome from our Vice President of Membership Recruitment!

Hello Ladies!

My name is Bria Roberts and I am Alpha Phi’s Vice President of Membership Recruitment. I am so happy to welcome you to SIUe! If you found yourself scrolling across our page, you may currently be considering going through Primary Panhellenic Recruitment. Thank you for taking the time to learn all about this amazing experience! Throughout Primary Recruitment, you will have the opportunity to be welcomed into Alpha Phi’s sisterhood, as well as socialize with all of SIUe’s other incredible PHC chapters too.

I went through the recruitment process my sophomore year, and I remember feeling nervous but so excited at the same time too. After three days of songs, chants, meaningful conversations, and a whole lot of new faces, my nerves had subsided, and I felt welcomed and included. At the end of the week, when I accepted my bid to Alpha Phi, I truly felt at home. I was about to start a new chapter that impacted my life in the best way possible!

After joining this organization, I learned that Alpha Phi is much more than just a sorority. We are an organization dedicated to advancing leadership and scholarship, as well as raising awareness for women’s heart health. We are members of our community, passionate about supporting those in need. We are a sisterhood dedicated to empowering and uplifting our sisters. Best of all, we are a family that extends beyond college years, for the rest of our lives!  

This August during Primary Recruitment, no matter which organization you join at the end of the week, you are guaranteed to meet women who will impact not just your next four years, but hopefully your life. When you step into Alpha Phi’s room, please know we are so excited to share with you everything Alpha Phi’s sisterhood has to offer. But, we are even more excited to get to know you!

See you all soon! 


Primary Recruitment

Information Night: August 23rd, 2018
When visiting Alpha Phi’s room on Information Night, everyone will be introduced to the wonderful women of our executive board, where they will share a glimpse into their department. View our “Leadership” tab above to learn more! The rest of the night includes mingling, getting to know each other, and sharing basic details of our chapter's events and sisterhood. The best part of the night is getting to know the women who have joined us, answer questions they may have and show our sincere enthusiasm to share our sisterhood.

 Philanthropy Night: August 24th, 2018
During Philanthropy Night, our hope is that the women returning will hear our hearts beat a little louder when we share how we support the Alpha Phi Foundation. Click the “Philanthropy and Service” tab to see how our philanthropic efforts directly impact women's heart health. Our foundation also supports leadership and scholarship opportunities; see those tabs as well. Also during this night, our sisters are always excited to share their personal connections to our foundation and why they are so passionate about this cause!

 Preference Night: August 25th, 2018
For Alpha Phi, the final night of recruitment, Preference Night, is a very special time. We are so excited to share a memorable and important piece of our sisterhood. While we can't give away the details, we hope everyone who enters our room recognizes the impact this sisterhood has had on us and why we are so proud to call Alpha Phi our home!

Bid Day: August 26th, 2018 
As Primary Recruitment comes to a close, we are psyched to welcome our newest members! Bid Day is a time for celebration to invite women into our sisterhood and welcome them home. It’s a time to hug, to laugh, and embrace a new family of over 100 sisters!