Epsilon Xi Chapter Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


Alpha Phi takes dedication to academics very seriously. On campus, our community of fraternity and sorority members have a higher GPA than the All-SIUe average!  In Alpha Phi, we are proud of our scholastic accomplishments. Our sisters have accepted many scholarships, including the Cougar Pride and Provost Scholarships!

We have members of all majors- Nursing, Engineering, Business, Education, Pre-Law, Speech & Language Pathology, Pre-Med, Excercise Science, and so many more! You will always have resources in your major through Alpha Phi. 

There are some obvious social benefits to a sorority, but it's important to Alpha Phi that we ensure our members are prioritizing success in school. Vice President of Programming and Education, Natalie Horstmann, shared her thoughts on our dedication to scholarship. She said:

"Scholarship is a high priority within Alpha Phi. First and foremost, we are here for school, and Alpha Phi recognizes that! We provide incentive based systems that promote and recognize our members that are working exceptionally hard throughout the semester. At our annual philanthropy event, we recognize our women with stellar GPAs. We have also implemented an Academic Success Program that is geared towards each individual members academic and personal needs. This plan recognizes different struggles our members have, and we, then, come up with ways to overcome those difficulties together. Alpha Phi holds its members to high academic standards and we work together to provide all of the tools and resources!"

How can you thrive in your studies as an Alpha Phi? we prioritize the fact that we are a collegiate organization first and foremost. What you can expect from Alpha Phi:

  • Study nights during finals weeks hosted by our Membership Education department which include snacks and drinks to keep our energy up.
  • Alpha Phi's Academic Success Plan
  • Rewards and prizes for our members with high GPAs
  • Greek life orientated scholarship groups which recognize high achieiving FSL members
  • Alpha Phi Academic Chat (Group utilized for questions about syllabuses, course loads, and different studying techniques/tools)